Comité de sociétés

The Physical Society of Japan, Division 11 committee member.

Comité de rédaction

BUTSURI, The Physical Society of Japan.
Member de comité pour la revue de nouveaux livres
Kotai Butsuri (Physique de matière solide), AGNE Gijutsu Center.
Ami du journal
Scientific Reports, Nature Publishing.
Editorial Board Member

Comité d'organisation

Physical and mathematical approaches to interacting particle systems
-In honor of 70th birthday of Herbert Spohn-
organizer11-12 jan. 2017Tokyo, Japonweb

international advisory committee member18-22 juil. 2016Lyon, Franceweb

KITP program
New approaches to non-equilibrium and random systems:
KPZ integrability, universality, applications and experiments
scientific advisor11 jan.-11 mars 2016Santa Barbara, USAweb

Meeting between Quantum Turbulence and Classical Turbulence (japonais)
organizer5-7 jan. 2016Kashiwa, Japonweb

YITP workshop
Interface fluctuations and KPZ universality class
- unifying mathematical, theoretical, and experimental approaches
organizer, chair20-23 août 2014Kyoto, Japonweb

5th YSM-SPIP, Satellite Meeting of STATPHYS25,
Frontier of Statistical Physics and Information Processing
-Perspectives from Nonequilibrium Behaviors
organizer11-14 juil. 2013Kyoto, Japon 

YITP Workshop 2012
Physics of Nonequilibrium Systems -Toward the Understanding of its Universal Aspects- (japonais)
organizer1-4 août 2012Kyoto, Japonweb

51st Condensed Matter Physics Summer School (japonais)
organizer (lectures, sub-seminars)1-5 août 2006Gamagohri, Japonweb