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Publication years: 2005-9 2010-14 2015-19 2020- 

Emergence of bacterial glass

Hisay Lama, Masahiro J. Yamamoto, Yujiro Furuta, Takuro Shimaya, and Kazumasa A. Takeuchi,
PNAS Nexus 3, pgae238 (2024).
[#44, arXiv:2205.10436, 8+9 pages]

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♦Press released "Bacteria form glasslike state: Densely packed E. coli form an immobile material similar to colloidal glass" [link]

Vortex reversal is a precursor of confined bacterial turbulence

Daiki Nishiguchi, Sora Shiratani, Kazumasa A. Takeuchi, and Igor S. Aranson,
[#43, arXiv:2407.05269, 8+15 pages]


Smectic-like bundle formation of planktonic bacteria upon nutrient starvation

Takuro Shimaya and Kazumasa A. Takeuchi,
[#42, arXiv:2407.05031, 12+6 pages]


Approach and rotation of reconnecting topological defect lines in liquid crystal

Yohei Zushi, Cody D. Schimming, and Kazumasa A. Takeuchi,
Phys. Rev. Res. 6, 023284 (2024).
[#41, arXiv:2404.01480, 10 pages]


Partial yet definite emergence of the Kardar-Parisi-Zhang class in isotropic spin chains

Kazumasa A. Takeuchi, Jacopo De Nardis, Ofer Busani, Patrik L. Ferrari, and Romain Vasseur,
[#40, arXiv:2406.07150, 6+4 pages]


Squish Jamming

Samuel Poincloux and Kazumasa A. Takeuchi,
[#39, arXiv:2404.09773, 9+5+3 pages]


Route to turbulence via oscillatory states in polar active fluid under confinement

Sora Shiratani, Kazumasa A. Takeuchi, and Daiki Nishiguchi,
[#38, arXiv:2304.03306, 15 pages]


Tilt-induced polar order and topological defects in growing bacterial populations

Takuro Shimaya and Kazumasa A. Takeuchi,
PNAS Nexus 1, pgac269 (2022).
[#37, arXiv:2106.10954, 11+14 pages]


♦ Press released "Microbial 'Jenga' : how bacteria stack" [link]

Scaling and spontaneous symmetry restoring of topological defect dynamics in liquid crystal

Yohei Zushi and Kazumasa A. Takeuchi,
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 119, e2207349119 (2022).
[#36, arXiv:2110.00442, 7+11 pages]


Active colloid with externally induced periodic bipolar motility and its cooperative motion

Airi N. Kato, Kazumasa A. Takeuchi, and Masaki Sano,
Soft Matter 18, 5435-5445 (2022).
[#35, arXiv:2203.12882, 11 pages]


Scale invariance of cell size fluctuations in starving bacteria

Takuro Shimaya, Reiko Okura, Yuichi Wakamoto, and Kazumasa A. Takeuchi,
Commun. Phys. 4, 238 (2021).
[#34, arXiv:2004.04903, 12+23 pages]


Initial perturbation matters: implications of geometry-dependent universal Kardar-Parisi-Zhang statistics for spatiotemporal chaos

Yohsuke T. Fukai and Kazumasa A. Takeuchi,
Chaos 31, 111103 (2021).
[#33, arXiv:2109.02264, 8+4 pages]


♦ Selected for Editor's Pick.
♦ Fast Track article.

Phase-ordering kinetics in the Allen-Cahn (Model A) class: universal aspects elucidated by electrically-induced transition in liquid crystals

Renan A. L. Almeida and Kazumasa A. Takeuchi,
Phys. Rev. E 104, 054103 (2021).
[#32, arXiv:2107.09043, 18 pages]


Direct Evidence for Universal Statistics of Stationary Kardar-Parisi-Zhang Interfaces

Takayasu Iwatsuka, Yohsuke T. Fukai, Kazumasa A. Takeuchi,
Phys. Rev. Lett. 124, 250602 (2020).
[#31, arXiv:2004.11652, 6 pages]


Kardar-Parisi-Zhang Interfaces with Curved Initial Shapes and Variational Formula

Yohsuke T. Fukai and Kazumasa A. Takeuchi,
Phys. Rev. Lett. 124, 060601 (2020).
[#30, arXiv:1909.11920, 6+5 pages]


Universal Critical Behavior at a Phase Transition to Quantum Turbulence

Masahiro Takahashi, Michikazu Kobayashi, and Kazumasa A. Takeuchi,
[#22, arXiv:1609.01561]


Publication years: 2005-9 2010-14 2015-19 2020- 

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