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Publication years: 2015-19 2020- 

Algebraic winged pair correlations of dilute active Brownian particles

Alexis Poncet, Olivier Bénichou, Vincent Démery, Daiki Nishiguchi,
[#18, arXiv:2006.08202, 5+11 pages]


Organizing bacterial vortex lattices by periodic obstacle arrays

Henning Reinken, Daiki Nishiguchi, Sebastian Heidenreich, Andrey Sokolov, Markus Bär, Sabine H. L. Klapp, Igor S. Aranson,
Commun. Phys. 3, 76 (2020).
[#17, 9 pages]


Direct Evidence for Universal Statistics of Stationary Kardar-Parisi-Zhang Interfaces

Takayasu Iwatsuka, Yohsuke T. Fukai, Kazumasa A. Takeuchi,
Phys. Rev. Lett. 124, 250602 (2020).
[#16, arXiv:2004.11652, 6 pages]


Scale invariance during bacterial reductive division observed by an extensive microperfusion system

Takuro Shimaya, Reiko Okura, Yuichi Wakamoto, and Kazumasa A. Takeuchi,
[#15, arXiv:2004.04903, 7+21 pages]


Kardar-Parisi-Zhang Interfaces with Curved Initial Shapes and Variational Formula

Yohsuke T. Fukai and Kazumasa A. Takeuchi,
Phys. Rev. Lett. 124, 060601 (2020).
[#14, arXiv:1909.11920, 6+5 pages]


Universal Critical Behavior at a Phase Transition to Quantum Turbulence

Masahiro Takahashi, Michikazu Kobayashi, and Kazumasa A. Takeuchi,
[#4, arXiv:1609.01561]


Publication years: 2015-19 2020- 

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