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Publication years: 2005-9 2010-14 2015-19 2020- 

Directed Percolation Universality at a Phase Transition between Turbulent States in the Electrohydrodynamic Convection of Liquid Crystals

Kazumasa A. Takeuchi, Masafumi Kuroda, Hugues Chaté, and Masaki Sano,
RIAM Workshop Report, 18ME-S7, 86-94 (2007)
[#2, proceedings, in Japanese, 9 pages]

Ising Phase Transition Related to an Anomalous Structure of the Invariant Set in a Bernoulli Coupled Map Lattice - A "Seed" of the Ising Transition hidden in the Invariant Set -

Kazumasa Takeuchi and Masaki Sano,
IEICE Technical Report, Nonlinear problems (ISSN: 0913-5685), 105(416), 31-36 (2005)
[#1, proceedings, in Japanese, 6 pages]


Publication years: 2005-9 2010-14 2015-19 2020- 

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