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K. A. Takeuchi's presentations in Japanese conferences

Presentation years: 2005-9 2010-14 2015-19 2020- 

PRESTO Research Area "Topology", 5th Research Area Meeting

Kazumasa A. Takeuchi
"Bacterial populations as liquid crystal out of equilibrium and topological defects therein"
requested talk, July 12, 2021, online.
[#70, in Japanese]

CEMS Topical Meeting Online
Emergent Nonequilibrium Dynamics in Soft Materials

Kazumasa A. Takeuchi
"Direct 3D observation of topological defect dynamics in liquid crystal"
invited talk, Apr. 23, 2021, online.


New frontiers of applied physics

Kazumasa A. Takeuchi
"From liquid-crystal experiments to non-equilibrium exact solutions, and to quantum many-body systems"
invited talk, Dec. 21, 2020, online.
[#68, in Japanese]

PRESTO Research Area "Topology", 4th Research Area Meeting

Kazumasa A. Takeuchi
"Construction of a patterned alignment system for studying exotic defects in liquid crystals and discussions"
requested talk, Dec. 2, 2020, online.
[#67, in Japanese]

Grant-in-Aid for Innovative Areas
"Information physics of living matters", 2nd Project Meeting

Kazumasa A. Takeuchi
"Statistical physics experiments on dense bacterial populations"
requested talk, Sep. 28, 2020, online.
[#66, in Japanese]

The 58th Annual Meeting of the Biophysical Society of Japan

Kazumasa A. Takeuchi
"Extensive microperfusion system for dense bacterial populations and its applications for statistical physics of cells with information"
requested talk, Sep. 17, 2020, online.
[#65, presentation ID: 2S-1-3]


PRESTO Research Area "Topology", 3rd Research Area Meeting

Kazumasa A. Takeuchi
"3D observation of topological defects in liquid crystal: dynamics and structure"
requested talk, June 12, 2020, online.
[#64, in Japanese]

Yamada Science Foundation
FY2020 Research Meeting

Kazumasa A. Takeuchi
"Irreversible transition in liquid crystal turbulence and entropy production"
requested talk, May 30, 2020, Tokyo Conference Center Shinagawa, Tokyo.
[#63, in Japanese]


♦ The conference was canceled due to COVID-19, but the presentation is officially acknowledged.

Presentation years: 2005-9 2010-14 2015-19 2020- 

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